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Bulgin 9000 Series High Power Connectors

12 items/page
12 items/page

Multi Pin Circular Connectors

  • Flex Body, Flex Body Inline and Flange Mount Available
  • IP68 when mated (for parts with backshell)
  • 2 to 11 Contacts - up to 225A, 1250V AC RMS
  • Plug and Socket available
  • Bayonet 1/4 Turn locking Mechanism and screw Turn Locking
  • Robust, with Quick Disconnect System
  • 2 Contacts: 225A
  • 4 Contacts: 150A
  • 6 Contacts: 150A
  • 8 Contacts: 13A, 80A
  • 11 Contacts: 80A, 13A
  • Crimp termination available
  • Visual alignment features

Part Number Description:

9000 Series Part Number Description

PXP9050/02/P/1 = Screw Locking Flex Body Connector, 4 inch Backshell, 2 Contacts, Plug
PXP9012/02/S = Bayonet Locking Flange Mount Connector, No Backshell, 2 Contacts, Socket


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