12-pole M12 Connectors

With a new translucent design and moulded cable, the Lumberg 12 pole, M12 actuator/sensor connectors are highly rated. Importantly, these ranges of connectors with interlocking threads still meet all requirements to achieve their IP67 rating.

The M12 self-locking threaded joint not only provides increased safety, its optimised insert and metal screw thread have special contours which ensure optimal networking and the best possible anti-twist protection. Quality has been further improved by swapping from solder to crimp contacts and optimisation of the control cable.

Lumberg 12-pole M12

Future plans are to equip this range of M12 connectors with the tried-and-tested Lumflex® STL 346. This 12 x 0.25 mm² cable is remarkable for the increased current carrying capacity of the individual signal cables.

These improvements will necessitate new ordering details for the 12-pole M12 connectors:

  • The description for straight connection cables of type RKT 12-348/…M will be changed to RKT 12-346/… M
  • The description for angled connection cables of type RKWT 12-348/… M will be changed to RKWT 12-346/…M.
  • Straight connection cables, plug straight, coupling angled, have also been added to the portfolio. These can now be ordered with the description RST 12-RKWT 12-346/… M.

Commonly used in both mechanical and plant engineering, these 12-pole M12 connectors are mostly used as leads for pluggable, passive distributors such as the Lumberg Automation™ ASBSM …/LED series.

To purchase these M12 Lumberg connectors, call us on 01908 307200 or email our sales team on sales@electroustic.co.uk