New 5 pole, M8 connector from Lumberg Automation

M8, 5-pole, B-coded cordsets from Lumberg Automation increase power, range and connection reliability. Superior power in a compact size. 

Lumberg Automation M8, 5 Pole, B Coded CordsetsLumberg’s new M8 5-pole B-coded cordsets meet global industry standards, (UL 2238* and IEC 61076-2-104) and are equipped with an extended power range with a snap connection feature – ensuring high-performance reliability and making installation easy when space is limited. They facilitate transmission of power and signals reliably via a compact interface to small electronic drives and sensors, making them an ideal solution for miniature robotics applications.

Specifying and design engineers, contractors and installers, and system integrators operating in machine building, material handling and industrial automation settings, will benefit from the product’s outstanding handling characteristics, extended power range and easy installation that comes with the industry proven M8 technology.

With the snap connection, these cordsets offer a quick attachment option that can meet even the highest of installation speed demands. Connecting sensors and compact actuators with the M8 5-pole B-coded corsets can be achieved in a matter of seconds, even the newest generation of I/O link sensors can be connected. The ease of installation is especially helpful for connecting interfaces in situations where multiple end devices need to be connected in space restricted areas. Increased current and voltage ratings, as well as flexible and adjustable cable lengths, differentiate the portfolio of these cordsets from any product available on the market.


• Performance – The M8 cordsets are designed to go beyond current specifications according to IEC 61076-2-104 and reach a maximum of 4 amps of current and up to 63 V. These products allow for more than 2½ times as much power transmission as standard specifications.

 • Operational efficiency – Space-saving M8 technology with the snap connection fast installation capability make these M8 cordsets super efficient in regards to space and set-up time.

• Convenience – Snap and snap/thread attachment options deliver the highest flexibility and convenience in installation. The high-quality design and standardised B-coding ensure a polarised connection that exceeds even the highest industry standards of IEC 61076-2-104.


M8, 5-pole, B-coded cordsets – What you need to know

  • Extended power range with a maximum of 4A of current and 63V on two pins
  • 5-poles, B-coded
  • Snap and snap/thread connections for quick attachment options and exceptional handling characteristics
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • One-stop solution with new, highly flexible LioN-Power system
  • Certification according to UL 2238* standard
  • Ensuring a polarised connection that exceeds even the highest industry standards of IEC 61076-2-104

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