Christmas 2015 Connector Deliveries & OrdersChristmas Dates for your diary

You may or may not not be ready for this, but Christmas is exactly one month away today! 

So, we at Electroustic thought we better share our Christmas shut down dates with you so that you can ensure your deliveries and shipments arrive in time.
 Connector orders for Christmas 2015

Last shipping day of 2015; Monday 21st December 2016
Last business day of 2015; Tuesday 22nd December 2015

First shipping day of 2016; Monday 4th January 2016
First business day of 2016; Monday 4th January 2016

If these dates will cause you any problems, please call us on 01908 307200 and we will see if we can help :-).

Christmas 2015 Connector Deliveries and Dates