More and more it seems that the only way to remain competitive in the UK manufacturing industry is to include robotics in the production process.

Manufacturers are increasingly looking for leaner manufacturing solutions whilst consumers are demanding higher quality goods at lower prices. This is particularly evident in the food industry where household food budgets are still feeling the impact of the recession and the resulting lower incomes.

Robots are – it seems – the perfect solution to the problem, allowing manufacturers to streamline their processes, whilst remaining competitive. Obvious advantages are the speed, efficiency and ability to repeat a monotonous task consistently without needing to stop for a break. This allows for increased productivity, reduction in costs and increased profits. The other obvious advantage to manufacturing using robots is that they provide better quality parts resulting in dramatically reduced reworking times.

However it’s no good having a robot within the manufacturing process without a reliable connectivity solution. As franchised distributors for Lumberg Automation and Amphenol Industrial, Electroustic offers multiple connectivity solutions for robotics.

Lumberg Automation offers a wide range of exceptionally reliable robotic connectors for industrial applications that include an extensive variety of moulded torsion-resistant control cables, individual lengths of cable and a wide assortment of robust M12 connectors. These connectors have been designed to ensure total reliability and superior quality, allowing for better tolerance even under intense mechanical stress, outstanding levels of resistance to lubricants, welding sparks and chemicals in addition to complete flexibility due to their wide range of IP67 rated, M8 and M12 industrial connectors.

Amphenol Industrial offers solutions for signal and power transmission even for harsh environments. The multiple faceted offering of Amphenol Industrial means it can supply a diverse range of connectivity solutions from multi-pole ruggedized MIL Spec connectors to RJ45, USB, M8 & M12 and rectangular connectors.

If you are looking to increase your productivity through the use of robotics and automation, Electroustic can help you design, spec and supply the right connectivity solution for your application. With a background in manufacturing, Electroustic has the knowledge and ability to understand your application and provide the most suitable solution. Since Electroustic is a franchised distributor you have the security of knowing you are dealing with a trusted supplier.