The use of industrial Ethernet within the rail sector has not only improved rail safetybut has also improved surveillancemonitoringcommunicationon board Wi-Fientertainment and signalling technologyIRIS Certified Belden offer a wide spectrum of products from power rail switches to Ethernet connectors and cabling through theirHirschmann and Lumberg Automation brands.

Connectivity solution for railway applications

Hirschmann offers Industrial Ethernet products for all areas of application andtransmission media including copper,fibre and wireless. Transmission rates start at 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s increasing to 1 Gigabit/s and 10 Gigabit/s.

Lumberg Automation offer cabling andconnectivity solutions required by applications using industrial Ethernet products.  With a vast range of Ethernet connectors, data communication cables and actuator/sensor connecting and inter-connecting cables, Lumberg Automation combined with Hirschmann offer a complete connectivity solution for railway applications.

With the price of train travel increasing, customer requirements concerning comfort, entertainment and safety have also increased. The demand for real time informationabout arrival times, departures, platforms etc both on the platform and on the train mean that automation systems have to be reliable and accurate 100% of the time.

Typical railway applications include traffic monitoring and control for operation centresnetwork management systems for metros through to high speed trains, IP camera based platform surveillance and public announcement systemsTransport automation requires features that enable the surveillance of passenger carriages with IP cameras, engine control cables, customer information systems as well as passenger counters.

As preferred partners for Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation, Electroustic can offer solutions for all railway applications using industrial Ethernet products for automation purposes. We have broken down suitable products for each requirement to enable you to see the depth of product and solutions available.

Signalling technology and passenger surveillance used on the railway line and platform would typically use;

  • Octopus range of ruggedised water proof switches with EN50155 approvals
  • Cable solutions including engine control and data communication cableUIC cablesfor internal & external wiring and databus cables
  • microFX IP67 connectors, industrial M12 connectors and optical/electrical contacts


Train to ground and on-board communication ensuring safety and real time communication;

  • BAT range of wireless access points, bridge functionalityhigh bandwidth andoptimal roaming behaviour with IP67 protection class.
  • RSR ruggedised DIN rail switches which withstand tremendous shocks and vibrations


Video surveillance on board and on the platform;

  • PoE Power over Ethernet  switches are also available as switches and routers
  • Connectivity solutions include actuator/sensor connecting and inter-connecting cable,field attachable connectors-M8, M12, M23, 7/8”, Form A,B & C valve connectors
  • Receptacle connectors enabling multiple options for external chassis threads


Control rooms require optimum reliability and maximum efficiency with security being of paramount importance;

  • MACH switches with a Gigabit backbone offer up to 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports, swappable modules and optional redundant power supply.
  • Network management software offers an operator edition for network supervisionand an engineering edition for device configurationOPC and ActiveX for SCADA integration.


Whether you are at the design stage of your application or you are looking to purchase approved industrial Ethernet products, Electroustic can help advise you with the most suitable range to meet and fulfil your requirements.  Call us today on 01908 307200 for a quote or if you require assistance from our technical team