The Health & Safety (HSE) legislation of crane and lifting systems in the UK states that all lifting operations involving lifting equipment must be properly planned by a competent,trained individual, be appropriately supervised and carried out in a safe way. The legal responsibilities for safe lifting operations are usually shared between the crane hirerand crane user.

The potential for accidentinjury and even death is high when it comes to cranes and lifting operations which is why users and planners must be thoroughly trained and capable. As such the development of crane safety systems and safety sensors is a crucial industry allowing maximum productivity whilst complying with safety standards.

crane safety sensors

With years of experience in the crane safety and safety systems industry, Pat Kruger offersafety systems for hall types of cranes to fork lifters and industrial machinesISO 9001-2000 and VCA certified, Pat Kruger is an established and trusted name in the world of crane safety sensors.

Their well known Load Moment Indicator (LMI) is trusted for its reliability and accuracywhich allows for maximum productivity from the crane in a safe manner.  The LMI is anoperational security system that warns the crane operator in the case of an over-loadedcrane. This system can prevent downtime and damage to equipment and risk of injury to personnel.  This kind of preventative maintenance maximises uptime. The LMI system is suitable for applications using a Lattice Boom CraneHarbour CraneGantry Crane,Railway CraneStraddle carrier and Excavator/loading machine. It can also be used inoff shore and explosion (Ex) proof applications.

In addition to their LMI system, Pat Kruger also offers a wide range of sensors suitable for almost every crane and application. These sensors include;

  • Force transducers/pressure transducers
  • Anti two block switches (for limiting hoist height)
  • Telemetry & Environmental Measurements; Angle transducers, Inclination, Length Position, Anemometers
  • Camera systems are also available for these rugged applications

Hirschmann also offer a range of sensors for mobile machinery applications designed specifically for mobile applications. Noted for their precision, robustness and reliabilitythey are also adaptable to meet specific customer requirements. The Hirschmann range of sensors includes;

  • Force Sensors (fSENS)
  • Geometric Sensors (gSENS)
  • Pressure Sensors (pSENS)
  • Specialised Sensors (iSENS)

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