If you are looking to go green with your choice of connectors, Electroustic offer the brands to enable you to have a greener future. Our top manufacturers, including Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation (part of the Belden brand) and Schutzinger are committed to operating as environmentally responsible companies in the production of your industrial connectors.

Offering industrial connectors and wiring solutions for automation technology, the intelligent cabling systems these companies produce are ideal for a wide range of industries. With energy costs constantly on the rise and carbon emissions increasing, choosing eco friendly products is now more important than ever.

‘Eco-friendly’ or to ‘go green’ is all about protecting the planet and your pocket. Manufacturers who develop environmentally friendly products are also keeping human safety in mind by producing connectors and components which are easy and safe to use.

Go Green

The environment is a controversial yet hugely important topic. Innovative technology from Belden means that going green through alternative power is a very real option.

By exceeding recognised industry standards, Lumberg Automation and Hirschman are continuously researching and adopting new practices and strategies which promote sustainability, reduce waste and preserve the environment. Focusing on reducing the ecological impact of their products, the Belden brand have been involved in major infrastructure projects, including energy efficient data centre management to help make the world a greener place.

Green Technology from Belden

With solutions for Wind and Solar energy, Belden are at the forefront in the evolution of alternative power sources.

Belden are at the forefront in the evolution of alternative power sources, helping solar projects to manage and control installations with advanced Ethernet solutions.

By providing network switches and wireless solutions, Belden and Hirschmann are also involved in offering effective operations for the development of wind energy. Both on and off-shore wind turbines are one of the fastest growing ways to generate energy; Lumberg Automation has manufactured specialist sensor connectors and cables to connect these turbines.

Although it may not always be easy, opting for the green choice when selecting your cabling system is always the best option. Help us to protect the planet and provide a safe environment. Several of our manufacturers such as Hirschmann are involved in Thermosolar projects, developing network communication technology which ensures households are supplied with clean and secure energy.

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