Hirschmann has always developed innovative products using cutting-edge technology. This has guaranteed that their solutions meet the latest market requirements and standards.  In order to ensure that this is always the case, Hirschmann products are replaced by new solutions after a certain time and the BAT54 and BAT300 ranges are about to be superseded.

Hirschmann BAT54 and BAT300

It’s your last chance to purchase the Hirschmann BAT54 and the BAT300 from Electroustic.

Hirschmann have already ceased manufacturing some components for the BAT54-Rail, BAT54-F, BAT300-Rail and BAT300-F WLAN systems and, after six successful years, the devices themselves will now no longer be manufactured.

The discontinued BAT devices have been replaced by the new OpenBAT Platform, which includes all the same functions as the BAT54/300. OpenBAT uses the same well-known and efficient HiLCOS operating system. It also provides optimum flexibility and outstanding performance, thanks to superior WLAN functions for infrastructure, WDS and mesh networks, as well as integrated routing, security, WAN access and redundancy. Unlike the BAT54/300, OpenBAT does not include a 12V connection and the serial interface now uses M12 connection technology, which has been tried and tested in industry.

Any BAT54/300 devices that you may require can still be ordered until 30.06.2013. Please place your orders as soon as possible. The last delivery date will be 31.12.2013, after which these devices will no longer be available, as our stock of components, which will no longer be manufactured, will only last until this date. If you still require BAT54/300 devices for your machines and systems, we recommend that you keep a stock of them at your warehouse.

Hirschmann will launch the latest software update for BAT54/300, Version 8.80, on the market before the end of March 2013. Please note also that the prices for these devices will increase by 10% from May 2013

Please contact us as soon as possible to if you wish to take up this last chance purchase or to discuss you needs for this product. Our helpful sales staff will be happy to help you through this and keep you systems running smoothly.