Hirschmann, one of our leading manufacturers has been IRIS certified since 2009 (International Railway Industry Standard) label, which means the Belden brand meets the railway industry’s extensive demands on quality. This confirms Hirschmann as an approved partner for data communication solutions both on the train and the railway track.

The IRIS was put in place to define requirements which the industry expects companies to meet. Hirschmann develop and manufacture their products to the highest quality standards, ensuring customers benefit from reliability, availability and easy maintenance. For more information about IRIS certification please see the IRIS web site

IRIS Certified

Hirschmann are an approved partner for data communication solutions both on the train and the track.

Along with other top brands such as Lumberg Automation and Schutzinger, we rely on Hirschmann for their efficient industrial connectors and cables that allow operations to continue under adverse conditions. Known for their installation friendly products, Hirschmann offer several different types of connectors, including rectangular, circular, sensor, audio and video, and Ethernet types.

Over the years the Belden company has produced product innovations to meet customer needs. Although the IRIS certification is based on the railway industry. Being IRIS Certified will benefit all Hirschmann customers, as the label demonstrates the company’s desire to establish partnerships with industry specific clients.

The Belden brand also includes companies such as Lumberg Automation, who have been producing intelligent wiring solutions for a wide range of industries since the 1980s and GarrettCom providing feature rich off-the-shelf industrial networking products since 1989.

Well known for their work in transport industries, Belden provide components for networking systems in airports and Ethernet cabling systems for seaports and roadways.

The franchise is committed to operating as an environmentally responsible company, promoting sustainability and reducing waste. This ethos supports customers’ drive for greener solutions and enables Belden, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation to operate as environmentally responsible companies with a strong emphasis on safety.

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