Hirschmann GDM Product Change Notification

To all our customers who purchase the Hirschmann GDM range of connectors, we have received the following notification regarding changes in the product specification;

PRODUCT CHANGE NOTIFICATION | Hirschmann | GDM Valve Connectors

In order to meet the latest market and technology trends, we are constantly refining products in regards to innovation and high quality.

In this context, Belden modified their GDM standard-products with VDE-approval.

The modified products with new inlay will be starting from April 01, 2016 for products without protective circuitry and September 01, for products with protective circuitry.

While implementing this process, delivery of mixed inlays within a batch is possible.

Please use the link below to download the official product change notification for the affected product.

View & Download - GDM Valve Connectors

If you have any questions concerning offers, order processing or technical information please contact your Belden sales representative.