With the wide variety of industrial connectors on offer, choosing the correct design and ideal industrial connector for your project or upgrade is no easy task. Knowing what type of transmission you need and discovering the environmental conditions is crucial before you can purchase the right equipment for the job.

We offer a wide range of connectors from top brands such as Hirschmann, Lumberg Automation and Schutzinger. Our handpicked manufacturers produce cabling solutions for power, communication, signalling or combination connection points.

Before purchasing your connectors you should determine the number of contact points needed and the amperage requirements of the application. The type of environment should be the ultimate factor to consider when choosing your ideal industrial connector. Once you have all the relevant details, you can then determine if you need a self assembly type or a molded cable version and what type of cable jacket is needed.

Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation have produced an extensive range of cables and leads for specific industries and sectors. The international company manufacture qualityEthernet cables suitable for use in offices and other communication environments. They also design Ethernet products suitable for industrial automation tasks, offering an alternative to field bus systems.

Schutzigner are also a reliable brand, producing a wide selection of plug connectors for the transmission of voltages, currents and electrical measurement data. High grade materials, including spring brass, silver, and nickel plated surfaces offer excellent contact reliability and prevent any corrosion. Certain plug connectors also have crush-proof installation meaning they can withstand considerable mechanical loads.

Electroustic have been supplying industrial connectors and leads to many industries for nearly 50 years. As a family run business we are dedicated to ensuring you get the correct product for your application. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the electrical and electronics sector.

We are Hirschmann, Lumberg Automation and Schutzinger preferred distribution partners and offer a wide variety of their products from stock. Take a look at our online catalogueor contact our expert team today for more information on how to choose the right connector.