The food and beverage industry is a hugely important sector in the UK making up more than 15% of manufacturing turnover and employment. With such a significant role in the economy and well-being of the nation and following recent contamination scandals, it is vital that the food and beverage industry offers consistent, traceable and reliable production processes whilst maintaining stringent hygiene levels.

Automation of the Food and Beverage Industry

Crucial to any food or beverage factory is the industrial automation process.  As a nation the UK are behind on the uptake of automation processes compared to our European counterparts. Yet automation of the manufacturing process not only reduces costs, itimproves quality, increases production rates, reduces waste and optimises energy use.

Government regulations on product hygiene and cleanliness mean that components are subject to hazardous conditions through the wash down process, sterilisation and exposure to aggressive chemicals. Depending on the produce, components are also subject to extreme temperatures and exposure to fats and dust. Despite all of this, food and beverage factories must continue to operate seamlessly without downtime whilst maintaining hygiene standards.

Lumberg Automation offer a huge range of connectivity solutions that comply with stringent hygiene standards and are specifically designed to work within the food and beverage industry. Hirschmann offer networking solutions which can handle the tough conditions found in this type of facility. Combined, these brands offer total solutions which enable automation within the UK food and beverage industry.

Typical products that you would find on the production line are;

  • Connectivity: On-machine IP 67/68/69K distribution boxessplitters, cordsets andconnectors with stainless steel hardware, PVC cable and inserts for sensor/actuator applications, field attachable connectors, UL/CSA DIN valve connectors and UL/CSA power connectors.
  • Ethernet Switches and Networking Devices: OCTOPUS control level switches, OpenRail compact switches and BAT IP67 wireless Ethernet devices.

Typical products that you would find in the control room are;

  • Connectivity: DataTuff IP20 Industrial Ethernet cordsetsIBDN copper patch cordsand patch panels, FiberExpress fiber patch cords, patch panels, adapter strips andOptimax® field-installable connectors.
  • Ethernet Switches and Networking DevicesMACH100, MACH1000 and MACH4000 switches and EAGLE VPN/firewall appliances

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