Electroustic are very very pleased to announce a new partnership with Lapp Group Uk.  Lapp are one of the world’s most recognised manufacturers of cable, connectors, leads, glands and cable accessories and we are thrilled to have a likewise family business on board.

Electroustic will be holding a wide range of stock from the Epic Rectangular connectors, Epic power and signal circular connectors, SKINTOP glands and accessories as well as some cable.


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Rectangular connectors

The Epic rectangular Connector range offers 11 different contact insert types and 2 housing series sizes.  These Lapp connectors are intermateable and compatible with most equivalent DIN type rectangular connector.

Housing Series Options

  • The EPIC Standard which is robust and there is a flexible choice of cable entries.
  • EPIC ULTRA which has a high corrosion protection, a high EMC protection and it also has a stainless steel interlocking device.


  • Fixed pin design which come in a wide variety of designs and are very easy to handle.
  • Modular system which offers flexibility with modules for data, signals, power, fibre-optics and pneumatics.

Circular Connectors

The Epic circular connectors are available as power or signal connectors.

  • EPIC SIGNAL connectors are available as M17, M23 and R3.0 (M27)
  • EPIC POWER connectors are available as M12, M17, LS1 (M23), LS1.5 (M40) and LS3 (M58)


A vast range of cable glands available in two material types, Nylon and Nickel plated brass. The threads are supplied in Metric or PG.

There are 5 SKINTOP gland series on offer from lapp

  • ·         SKINTOP® CLICK / CLICK-R
  • ·         SKINTOP® MS-M & MSR-M
  • ·         SKINTOP® MS-SC-M / MS-SC-M-XL
  • ·         SKINTOP® ATEX Glands

lapp uk


Lapp UK are one of the most recognised manufactueres of cable in the world.  Electroustic can supply all of your Lapp Group UK cable requests.

Lapp offer 4 main options when it comes to cable.