LioN-Power Active I/O Modules

LioN-Power is a cost effective and space saving ONE solution.

 LioN-Link Power
Lumberg Automation has released a new series of multi-protocol I/O modules which meet both EtherNet/IP and PROFINET protocols.  The LioN Power Active I/O Modules detect both input and output data directly on the machine, saving engineers both time and money with an all-in-one solution for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
Up until recently, engineers wanting to make use of smart technology in industrial automation applications have needed two products with very different power components; PROFINET and EtherNet/IP modules in the form of a 4 pole 7/8” power for EtherNet/IP and a 5 pole 7/8” power for PROFINET devices. 
However with the new LioN-Power active I/O modules, engineers simply need one module to meet both protocols. An added advantage being that this module can be used in conjunction with the corresponding, standardised, L-coded, M12 power connectors
The fully potted, compact I/O modules deliver outstanding flexibility and convenient installation in the field for an array of industrial automation applications. In addition they conform to IP65 and IP67 ratings for protection against dust, water jets and temporary immersion. They also meet application-specific regulations, including UL61010-1 certification for safe implementation of electrical test and measurement equipment (replaces UL 508).
LioN-Power is easy with functional areas separated by colour coded connections, avoiding wiring errors with an easier and faster installation as well as comprehensive diagnostics with channel specific diagnostic and status LED – guaranteeing shorter downtimes.

Benefits at a glance:

• Selectable power connections: 7/8” and M12 Power (L-coded with up to 16 A)
• Fully-potted metal housing for highest durability and density
• Dust-tight and protected against water jets (IP65) and temporary immersion (IP67)
• Resistant to welding sparks due to special surface coating
• Hardened against vibration (15 g) and shock (50 g)
• UL 61010-1 (replaces UL 508) certified
• Multi-protocol support for PROFINET V2.3 (Conformance Class C) and EtherNet/IP
• Available for four signal variants: 16 digital inputs, 16 outputs, 8 digital inputs and 9 outputs, or 8 IO-Link ports (4x Type A and 4 x Type B)
• More signal freedom (intelligent sensors, analog, hubs, valves) thanks to IO-Link v1.1
• Digital outputs with up to 2 Amps per port, short-circuit proof and galvanic-ally isolated
• Integrated web server for information, configuration and diagnostics
• Comprehensive and channel-specific diagnostic & status LEDs
• 2 x M12 Ethernet ports with switch functionality for line topology
• Universal mounting adapters (screw-on) make it simple to upgrade
• Standardised interfaces
LioN Power Active I/O Modules
The new LioN-Power active I/O modules have been designed for a variety of industrial production applications, including robotics, manufacturing, material handling, food and beverage, packaging, and automotive settings. 
Specifying engineers, design engineers, control and process engineers, along with contractors, installers and system integrators will benefit from the product’s ability to meet both EtherNet/IP and PROFINET protocols. This is a complete, all-in one product portfolio for data communication.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Mounting Adapter come with each LioN-P?
 No. Due to the number of adapters (M4, M6 screws etc.) the mounting adaptors need to be ordered separately.
2. Which digital variants do you have in your portfolio?
We currently support:
- 16DI (16 digital inputs)
- 16DO (16 digital outputs)
- 8DI/8DO (8 digital inputs and 8 digital output)
- 8IOL (8 IO-Link Master Ports)
3. Does your master support Type A and/or Type B ports?
Yes, our master has 8 ports with 4 x Type A and 4 x Type B.
4. How can I use the Type A and Type B ports of your IO-Link master optimally?
You can use them as you like, but if you have actuators present we recommend connecting those on the 4 x B Ports. As for Type A there are also special IO-Link sensors out there that have a fast digital output signal which fits the standardized Type A ports.
5. Are the modules also approved for IP69K?
- It depends on the model.
- M12 Power L-coded variants are rated for IP65, IP67 and IP69K.
- 7/8" variants have only IP65 and IP67.