Introducing the LioN-R Series for EtherNet/IP and PROFINET Applications; A New Lumberg Automation Product Line

Secure EtherNet/IP connection of sensors and actuators to controllers .

LioN-R PROFINET/EtherNet/IP Lumberg Automation

The new LioN-R for EtherNet/IP and PROFINET

Belden has extended its Lumberg Automation product line to include three new I/O modules featuring industrial protection class IP67. The new ruggedised LioN-R EtherNet/IP modules in the LioN series guarantee maximum security for data communication. This is because the galvanic isolation between the individual sensors and actuators and the higher level bus system reliably protect the controllers from interference. In addition, short-circuit-proof outputs ensure maximum reliability – guaranteeing highly productive machines and systems.

They provide secure connection between actuators/sensors and control units even under the harshest environmental conditions. The modules offer 16 digital channels configured as inputs, outputs or a combination of both. The LioN-R modules, which meet the requirements of industrial protection class IP67, are fully enclosed in a stable zinc diecast housing, so you can use them even in the most rugged environmental conditions. Their robust design even enables them to easily withstand applications involving welding sparks, filings or aggressive coolants and lubricants.

All versions come with vibration-resistant M12 connection technology and short-circuit proof outputs. Thanks to DLR (device level ring protocol), the modules switch over immediately to an alternative ring segment if the connection goes down. This guarantees maximum network availability and hence continuous access to your applications.

The easy diagnostics concept also allows faults to be located quickly, thanks to precise channel and bus diagnosis, thus saving you time and money. The behaviour of output channels in the event of a fault can be defined via a fail-safe function (PROFINET). An integrated dual-port switch (10/100 Mbit/s) means they can be used to implement both line and ring topologies.

Designed to operate in more extreme environments, the I/O modules have an operating temperature range of -10°C to +60°C and a 24VDC power supply for industrial environments.

Both LAN ports are equipped with four-pole M12 connectors with D coding. The 16 I/O sockets, each of which can send and/or receive two digital signals, have five-pole A-coded M12 connectors. To prevent confusion, both the I/O connectors and the network ports are colour-coded.

Three versions of the LioN-R modules are available, each of which offers you 16 digital channels – either inputs, outputs, or a combination of both. The rated output current rating goes up to 1.6 A per channel, with a maximum total current capacity of 9 A. The optimum slot arrangement makes them easy to use, even with T distributors.

Both the 16 I/O slots and the two EtherNet/IP ports use vibration-proof M12 connection technology. To prevent confusion, the slots and ports are all colour-coded. The IP address is set up using rotary switches. The process of configuring these LioN-R modules is also extremely convenient, as it can be carried out via the user interface of the controller.

Lumberg Automation products are designed for dependable signal transmission—even in harsh industrial environments. Since the early 1980s, industrial automation customers have trusted the Lumberg Automation brand to deliver the quality connectors and wiring components necessary for maximum reliability of their dynamic automation technologies. Lumberg Automation products have outstanding compact design, chemical resistance and high mechanical and electrical loading capacity. From single- and double-ended cordsets to centralised or decentralised field bus components, the Lumberg Automation brand offers reliable solutions.

To see the product bulletin for the new LioN-R Series click on the following link; Lumberg LioN-R Series

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