At a time when energy costs are ever increasing, the Rogowski coil current sensor could be the answer to your problem.

Current sense transformers allow for effective energy management which in turn reduces energy costs and leads to increased equipment efficiency. They provide a simple,inexpensive yet accurate means of sensing current flow allowing you to manage your power quality and usage.

Electroustic offer three types of current transformers from leading manufacturer Magnelab;

Magnelab Split Core AC Current Transformer

1. Split-Core AC Current Sensor –This traditional split core series of transformers can sense AC current from 1 to 3000 Amps. They are ideal for installation on existing electrical wiring as they have a self locking mechanism which snaps around the conductor.

 Magnelab Solid-Core AC Current Transformer

2. Solid-Core AC Current Sensor – Magnelab offer a series of 5 AC current sensors which are available in different sizes and current ratings depending on power conductor. UL approved, these sensors control output through a precision resistor fixed at the industry standard of 0.333 Volt AC.

Magnelab RopeCT Rogowski Coil

3. RopeCT AC Current Sensor (RCT)– Designed around the basic operating principle of the Rogowski coil, the flexibility of the RCT means it can be used without causing undue power interruption or additional burden to the line being measured. The coil measures AC current rated from 500 to 5000 Amps and can be installed on an existing cable or buss bar in seconds.

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency are top priorities for many companies as is evident through the sales of low energy products. However, unless the power is managed properly to avoid harmonic distortions then any savings made from using a low energy product are lost.

Installing a current transformer such as an RCT or Rogowski coil allows power to be monitored and managed effectively without disruption or excessive costs. They are suitable for all users from domestic to power generation and infrastructure suppliers.

This range of Magnelab current transformers is available through Electroustic. Just give us a call on 01908 307200 or email to place an order today and start saving money.