M12-Power family with new cables


Product / Process Change Notification


Dear Customer,

In order to meet the latest market-demand as well as the latest norm-requirements, Belden are constantly refining products in regards to effectiveness, accreditation and high quality.

In this context, Belden has modified the M12-Power family and implemented new cables.

This cable change has been implemented with immediate effect.


PCN No: PCN-2017-03-24 Date: 2017-03-24

Change Title: M12-Power family with new cables

Change Classification: ___ Minor _X_ Major

Change Item: _X_ Design _X_ Raw Material ___ Packaging ___ Firmware ___ Others


Product Category: M12 L- & T-coded

All effected products will get new order numbers and order descriptions.


Details of Change(s):

All M12 L-coded connectors need to be modified from a black to a grey cable jacket in order to get the PNO-conformity. In addition, for all M12 L-coded connectors, the PE (Protection Earth) has been replaced by the FE (Functional Earth). This results in new wire identification for these connectors, using a grey instead of a green/yellow wire.


Old Design

New Design

                Old Design cable   

              New design     cable           


1 = brown

2 = white

3 = blue

4 = black

PE = green/yellow

Jacket = black


1 = brown

2 = white

3 = blue

4 = black

FE = grey

Jacket = grey





In addition to the first modification, there have been further adjustments to the M12 T-coded connector cables. Existing cables have been replaced with a new version to improve mechanical and electrical properties, such as drag chain capability. The dimensions as well as the cable structure remain unchanged.


 Old New


Reason for Change(s):

Main drivers for this change was the PNO (PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation) as well as the M12-Power norm committee that decided to implement changes within the M12 L-coding. This forced Belden to redesign these products in terms of cable usage.

All changes are in accordance with the M12 norm, enabling the M12 L-coding to conform to the PNO standard.


Impact of Change(s):

Form: Not effected

Fit: Not effected

Function: Not effected

Reliability: Increased reliability due to overall drag chain capability

Others: Norm conformity and PNO approval due to new cable material and wire identification


Implementation Plan:

Implemented Date (Schedule): With immediate effect