We are able to offer an equivalent part to the Molex ribbon cable with short lead times. If you are currently experiencing issues obtaining these cables from Molex, give us a call.

A ribbon cable is a cable with multiple conducting wires that run parallel to each other on the same flat plane. They are commonly used in the following sectors; Automotive, data/communications and industrial automation. They are also used in consumer products such as DVD players and recorders, HDTV, LCD and TV panels. The name for the cable comes from it’s similarity in appearance to ribbon.

We can source an equivalent part for you which performs exactly the same tasks and could drastically reduce lead times. It may even lower your costs. We have recently sourced equivalent ISO rated parts for the Molex 98627 series, which are now available from Electroustic with a 3-4 week lead time.

These parts are available through our own brand ETM. All of the connectors, cables and components in this range are highly rated in terms of quality and conform with all necessary regulations. The brand has many test and measure products including test leads, banana plugs and binding posts and now we are delighted to add ribbon cables to this series.

If you are having problems sourcing parts or need to reduce your lead times, call our technical team on 01908 307200 today for an easy solution.