With three brands of test and measure products available, Electroustic are able to offer you a number of test and measurement solutions.  We are the sole UK distributor for Schutzinger who manufacture quality test and measure products and we also supply the Hirschmann test and measure range as well as our own brand ETM.

Test and Measurement solutions for the automotive field;


Fault diagnosis on the road can be a challenge for even the most experienced of auto electricians and mechanics which is why it is important to be carrying the right equipment.  Test equipment needs to be of a high quality as it is used in the most adverse of conditions. Schutzinger have put together test kits specifically for use in automotive fault diagnostics which allow the user quick and easy access to 8 essential tools housed in a robust transparent case. Tools include test leads, test probes and 2 types of safety crocodile clip.

Test and Measurement solutions for use in the Laboratory;


Testing in the laboratory requires accuracy, speed and consistency. Test equipment needs to be versatile enough to cope with the variety of uses demanded by the user but also must meet stringent safety standards. Schutzinger’s test equipment kit designed specifically for use in the laboratory and instrument measurement fields includes over a dozen essential tools. Included are 8 test leads of varying lengths and colours, pincer clips, safety crocodile clips and safety test probes encased in a solid plastic, hard-wearing case.

Selection Box

Schutzinger also offer a selection box of couplers and plugs to create reliable, detachable connections. They have three selection boxes available; 2mm assortment of couplers and lamella basket plugs ideal for low voltage, 2mm & 4mm assortment of couplers and lamella basket plugs for low voltage and adaptors allowing the user to switch between 2mm and 4mm connectors, 4mm assortment of couplers and lamella basket plugs used with standard measurement devices for low voltage.

  • Schutzinger are based in Germany and are a global supplier of a wide range of measuring technology products. Their current range comprises of over 3,000 standard and tailored products. They are VDE regulation approved and meet IEC 1010-2-031 standards.
  • Hirschmann is a world renowned brand and their test and measure products meet all IEC 61010/VDE 0411 standards.
  • ETM is our own brand of electronic cabling equipment, consisting of various clips, leads, sockets and plugs. We source specialist manufacturers to provide quality products for all sorts of testing and measuring requirements at extremely competitive rates.

For more information about the kits discussed above or any test and measure requirement you may have please see our range of test and measure products on our website or email sales@electroustic.co.uk.