Test leads are an integral part of the test and measure system; they allow you to safely connect to the unit under test. They can be bought individually or as part of a test lead kit.

Test leads normally come with a 4mm shrouded banana plug connected on each end. Test probes, clips and other test accessories will have a corresponding socket. (Banana Plugs/jacks are available in unshrouded versions as well as shrouded) The test lead banana plug connects to the socket of the relevant test accessory being used whether it is a test probe, clip or cable. This allows for a safe electrical connection. The other end is usually plugged into some form of test meter.

Schutzinger; Shrouded Test Leads

4mm Shrouded Test Leads

Schutzinger; Unshrouded Test Leads

Test Leads; Unshrouded 4mm

Schutzinger; Right Angled and Straight Test Leads

Right Angled & Straight Test Leads

This ease and flexibility of connection allows for an infinite number of test lead configurations. Our Schutzinger and ETM range of test leads and accessories offer high quality and low costs yet importantly they conform to all necessary regulations. Schutzinger offer a wide range of 2mm, 2.4mm and 4mm test leads up to 2 metres in length. Their range also includes stackable leads increasing versatility and usage.

We can put together bespoke test kits suited for your particular application. So should you require a test lead with probe and a crocodile clip or you require a larger volume test kit with multiple accessories, we can put these together into a kit for you. To view our range of Schutzinger test leads and accessories, take a look at the catalogue section of the site.

For more information or to order a bespoke test lead kit, simply email our sales team at sales@electroustic.co.uk or you can give them a call on 01908 307200.