Aside from the fact that we love bananas and a good bit of monkeying around, these plugs are actually one of the most popular and versatile connectors. Developed in the 1920’s the banana plug & cable is one of the oldest single conductor electronic signal lines that is still widely used today.

Whether you use a 4mm plug to connect your speaker or home cinema system or you’re an engineer using them to test current or voltage, the banana plug is an essential piece of kit. These connector plugs come in a range of sizes including 2mm, 2.4 mm and 4mm. This makes it easy to construct and/ or break connections, as well as improving the quality of your connection.

Banana Plugs, Adaptors, Test leads & Probes4mm Banana Plugs, 2mm Banana PlugsCrocodile Clips for Test & Measure

The 4mm banana plug is invaluable when it comes to electrical testing. Used to connect crocodile clips, test probes, oscilloscopes, voltmeters and multimeters, they help guarantee safety. Consequently, banana plugs are used alongside a range of other test and measure equipment in schools, research centres, labs, electrical testing, medical equipment, instrumentation measurement and by maintenance engineers.

It’s widely accepted that higher quality banana plugs offer better levels of accuracy and safety. The Schutzinger & Hirschmann range of test leads, banana plugs and measurement equipment are manufactured using high grade raw materials to produce superior quality connectors.  Operator safety is of paramount importance to Schutzinger and is at the forefront of all their design and technical specifications. As official distributors of the Schutzinger and Hirschmann test and measure product range, we’re happy to offer any advice you may need when purchasing your test equipment.

It’s safe to say that the humble banana plug is one connector that the majority of us could not do without!

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