Belden have announced they have invested several million dollars into their plants including additional capability and capacity at their Tijunana plant in Mexico, which will now manufactuer identical products to those manufactuered in their European facilities.

As there have been serious shortages and distruptions lately within the indusry, Belden are working to reduce their lead times step by step back to the two weeks we were used to. The expansion will take place in waves over the next few weeks with the hand over date scheduled for April 30, 2018. They will first use the Tijuana plant to build up the inventory in Europe. The products and their composition will remain the same. They will use the same raw materials from the same suppliers, and they will maintain the same qualifications and certifications. Delivery will take place out of Germany using the exact Incoterms and other conditions as perviously agreed. All articles made in Mexico will be part of a make-to-stock process with inventory for sale kept in Germany.

The only thing that will change is the Country of Origin. However, they will maintain their capability to produce European versions which will be fulfilled at a premium price. If you prefer to receive these manufactuered in Europe, please let our sales team know and we can set up a new agreement.

Below is a list of articles that compose the first wave of articles produced in Meixco for the European market. Belden have already started producing these articles in Mexico to ensure that inventories are in place before the change-over-date, April 30 2018; irrespective of when the order was places, any of the articles below shipped on April 30 and after may have been made in Mexico, shipments bedore this date will have been produced in Europe. This will be documented on invoices accourding to legal requirements.

Belden are very happy tha they can now ensure delivery of these products in the lead times we expect from them.

Sorted by article code Sorted by description
Description DescriptionBelden
573RST 4-RKT 4-225/40 M RKT 4-225/0,3 M79199
3165RKT 5-228/0,35 M RKT 4-225/10 M18222
11355RKT 4-225/2 M RKT 4-225/15 M44229
11356RKT 4-225/5 M RKT 4-225/2 M11355
11373RKT 5-228/2 M RKT 4-225/20 M44106
11374RKT 5-228/5 M RKT 4-225/25 M44407
11821RST 4-RKT 4-225/0,3 M RKT 4-225/3 M79541
11822RST 4-RKT 4-225/0,6 M RKT 4-225/30 M46365
11823RST 4-RKT 4-225/1 M RKT 4-225/5 M11356
11824RST 4-RKT 4-225/1,5 M RKT 4-3-224/10 M15729
11825RST 4-RKT 4-225/2 M RKT 4-3-224/15 M15728
11826RST 4-RKT 4-225/5 M RKT 4-3-224/2 M18170
11890RST 5-228/2 M RKT 4-3-224/5 M15730
11891RST 5-228/5 M RKT 4-3-224/6 M108265
12018RST 5-RKT 5-228/0,3 M RKT 4-RKT 4-225/1,5 M108238
12019RST 5-RKT 5-228/0,6 M RKT 5-228/0,35 M3165
12020RST 5-RKT 5-228/1 M RKT 5-228/1 M44194
12021RST 5-RKT 5-228/1,5 M RKT 5-228/10 M17046
12022RST 5-RKT 5-228/2 M RKT 5-228/15 M44382
12023RST 5-RKT 5-228/5 M RKT 5-228/2 M11373
14392RST 5-RKT 5-228/10 M RKT 5-228/20 M42852
15728RKT 4-3-224/15 M RKT 5-228/25 M43657
15729RKT 4-3-224/10 M RKT 5-228/3 M53594
15730RKT 4-3-224/5 M RKT 5-228/5 M11374
17046RKT 5-228/10 M RKT 5-RKT 5-228/0,5 M84565
17061RST 5-228/10 M RKT 5-RKT 5-228/2 M30086
18170RKT 4-3-224/2 M RKT 5-RKT 5-228/5 M30088
18222RKT 4-225/10 M RKT 5-RKT 5-228/7,5 M30089
18585RST 5-RKT 5-228/3 M RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/0,3 M40185
28049RST 4-RKWT 4-225/5 M RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/0,6 M40186
28980RST 3-RKWT 4-3-224/5 M RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/1 M40187
29620RST 4-RKT 4-225/10 M RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/1,5 M40188
30086RKT 5-RKT 5-228/2 M RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/10 M44164
30088RKT 5-RKT 5-228/5 M RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/2 M40189
30089RKT 5-RKT 5-228/7,5 M RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/3 M41677
40185RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/0,3 M RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/5 M41692
40186RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/0,6 M RST 3-RKWT 4-3-224/5 M28980
40187RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/1 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/0,2 M59619
40188RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/1,5 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/0,3 M11821
40189RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/2 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/0,6 M11822
41677RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/3 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/1 M11823
41692RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/5 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/1,5 M11824
41810RST 4-RKT 4-225/3 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/10 M29620
42852RKT 5-228/20 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/15 M46287
43657RKT 5-228/25 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/2 M11825
44032RST 4-RKT 4-225/4 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/20 M46473
44067RST 5-228/3 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/3 M41810
44080RST 5-228/1 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/4 M44032
44106RKT 4-225/20 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/40 M573
44136RST 5-RKT 5-228/4 M RST 4-RKT 4-225/5 M11826
44164RST 3-RKT 4-3-224/10 M RST 4-RKWT 4-225/3 M44203
44194RKT 5-228/1 M RST 4-RKWT 4-225/5 M28049
44203RST 4-RKWT 4-225/3 M RST 5-228/1 M44080
44229RKT 4-225/15 M RST 5-228/10 M17061
44382RKT 5-228/15 M RST 5-228/15 M52170
44407RKT 4-225/25 M RST 5-228/2 M11890
45787RST 5-3-RKT 5-3-226/2 M RST 5-228/3 M44067
45788RST 5-3-RKT 5-3-226/3 M RST 5-228/5 M11891
45789RST 5-3-RKT 5-3-226/5 M RST 5-3-RKT 5-3-226/10 M71725
46287RST 4-RKT 4-225/15 M RST 5-3-RKT 5-3-226/2 M45787
46365RKT 4-225/30 M RST 5-3-RKT 5-3-226/3 M45788
46473RST 4-RKT 4-225/20 M RST 5-3-RKT 5-3-226/5 M45789
51213RST 5-RKT 5-228/15 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/0,3 M12018
52170RST 5-228/15 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/0,6 M12019
53133RST 5-RKT 5-228/7 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/1 M12020
53594RKT 5-228/3 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/1,5 M12021
59619RST 4-RKT 4-225/0,2 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/10 M14392
63755RST 5-RKT 5-228/25 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/15 M51213
71298RST 5-RKT 5-228/20 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/2 M12022
71725RST 5-3-RKT 5-3-226/10 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/20 M71298
79199RKT 4-225/0,3 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/25 M63755
79541RKT 4-225/3 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/3 M18585
84565RKT 5-RKT 5-228/0,5 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/4 M44136
107307RST 5-RKT 5-228/7,5 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/5 M12023
108238RKT 4-RKT 4-225/1,5 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/7 M53133
108265RKT 4-3-224/6 M RST 5-RKT 5-228/7,5 M107307