LAPP EPIC Range with Electroustic

Here at Electroustic having recently developed a new partnership with Lapp Group UK, we are finding the benefits of the products to be far and wide. The Lapp EPIC® range is one such product range that is well known throughout the industry. All EPIC ® connector products are UL and CSA listed.

Cable connectors fit onto the end of a cable before it connects to the machinery. Connectors operate as a protective barrier for the ends of cables. They protect the cable from erosion and make sure that the cable is securely housed to its equipment (connectors should never be mated or unmated under load).

Comprising of only the best, most reliable materials, the rectangular connectors in the EPIC range can’t be beaten regarding unwavering quality and longevity. For long term, heavy-duty use, EPIC will not let you down. Rectangular connectors are used for a number of applications, including mechanical engineering, lighting & sound systems, and particularly machinery within the plastics industry.

The big advantages of the EPIC® range is that it allows individual customisation dependent upon your needs.

Lapp EPIC connectors

You can select each individual part bit-by-bit depending on your requirement. This works for both the rectangular and circular connectors.  These parts consist of the housings, inserts, contacts and glands. The various components of the heavy duty rectangular connector are purchased individually and made up on a modular principle. A wide range of housing sizes and many options of inserts and contacts make it possible to design the ideal connector for each application.


The housings are essentially the main foundation for any connector and is the main factor in making these connectors strong and durable. The housings are manufactured from different materials such as: Thermoplastic, metal die-cast, powder coated


The inserts are found within the middle part of the connector and unlike the housings which are made of the sturdiest material, the inserts are of less robust materials.  The inserts are available from 3 pin contacts up to 64 dependent on your voltage and current requirements.


Contacts are the enabling factor for the engagement of electrical and mechanical energies. The contacts act as a link between the base and the gland. There is a difference between the male and female contacts so make sure you understand their capabilities before making your purchase. Contacts are available with various types of termination:- Screw terminal, Crimp (stamped or  machined) and cage clamp.


Glands are the parts which link two separate connections and are probably the most important aspect. Glands are essential for any cable connector in the industrial sector. The cable gland provides a seal between the cable and the connector housing.

Coding Pins

For rectangular connector inserts, the key pin replaces one or more fastening screws. This enables simple coding. In rectangular connector inserts, the guide pin replaces the fastening screws on one side and on the other side the guide socket replaces the screw. This enables a lot of coding possibilities. Also the connector gets a perfect guiding and prevents a skew mating. With these inserts, the H-A 3/H-A 4 Codepin is pressed into a socket contact. The corresponding pin contact is removed, meaning one electrical contact will be lost.

All of the connectors have been tested to meet stringent quality and durability requirements prior to delivery.

For any further advice or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us as Electroustic Ltd on 01908 307200.