Change announcement RS20xx/RS22xx/RS30xx/RS32xx/RS40xx

Dear Customer,

We have been advised that a flash memory chip will be discontinued. This chip is used in the managed Rail Switch family, including managed RS20xx/ RS22xx/ RS30xx/ RS32xx/ RS40xx in all variants. As a result, we need to redesign the hardware of these products.

The hardware redesign is a small change but the new hardware requires a new software bugfix release 09.0.13 which is also in development at present. The hardware change does not affect any software features or technical data like temperature range, shock & vibration resistance, EMC… Software versions 09.0.12 and older will not run on the new hardware, but future software versions will run on the existing hardware.

The change to new hardware and software will start end of January 2018.

Quick summary:

    • The entire RSxx family is affected
    • The change will start end of January 2018
    • This hardware change does not affect any technical data
    • For all products based on the new hardware, software release 09.0.13 or newer is required
    • All new switches will automatically be shipped with release 09.0.13
    • Software releases older than 09.0.13 cannot run on the new hardware
    • New hardware identification: There will be additional information on the product side label
    • Hardware Revision 2” and via the SystemInfo interface menu.
    • Older hardware (revision 1) will still support the 09.0.13 and future software releases

Thank you very much for your trust and if you have any questions or remarks please feel free to contact us.