Tofino Xenon Software Version 2.2, includes a Tofino Configurator upgrade

Tofino’s comprehensive network protection provides security in the harshest of industrial conditions.

The proven Tofino Configurator software is now combined with state-of-the-art hardware in order to support both current Tofino products and the legacy Argon and EAGLE20 Tofino family of products. The Tofino Xenon with Software Version 2.2 offers a Layer 2 firewall that complies with global standards and is easy to integrate into existing networks. Its unique “test mode” reduces installation risks, such as network interruptions or configuration errors.

Tofino Xenon Security from Hirschmann Industrial EthernetAutomation network protection with an optimal price-performance ratio

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) options allow detailed filters to enforce security policies, such as only allowing read commands to be sent to a programmable logic controller (PLC). Tofino’s flexible architecture allows for the creation of security zones throughout the control network to protect critical system components.

The Tofino Xenon with Software Version 2.2 provides comprehensive network protection, making it an ideal choice for the machine building, process automation, oil and gas, power, and transportation industries. Users define the rules that specify which network devices are allowed to communicate and what protocols they may use between security zones.

  • Safe and cost-effective protection of automation networks
  • Seamless integration with current Tofino and legacy Argon and EAGLE20 family of products
  • Loadable Security Modules (LSM) provide upgrade flexibility to the customer

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