Tofino Xenon

Are you looking to section a control network into security zones?  Then the Hirschmann Tofino Xenon Industrial Security Appliance is what you need. It allows for the creation of security zones, Zone Level Security throughout the control network protecting critical system components.

The Tofino Xenon Industrial Security is a combination of the trusted Tofino software with cutting edge hardware providing a cost effective, safe and robust hardware designed for years of reliable service. It is ideal for applications that need to withstand the harshest of environments, such as mechanical and plant engineering, industrial automation, transportation, energy including oil and gas and power and electric utilities as it has approvals for substations IEC 61850-3 as well as for use in explosive environments with ATEX and ISA 12.12.01 HazLoc approval.

The Tofino Xenon allows for NERC CIP requirements to be met and exceeded as well as ISA/IEC-62443 standards.

With the plug-n-protect installation the Tofino requires no pre configuration so is super easy to integrate into an existing network, with no changes to the network and no interruptions to the control system.  The test mode ability reduces the opportunity for installation risks including network failures and configuration errors and with the reduced power consumption offering much lower running costs.

The control engineer defines exactly the rules that the Tofino Xenon is to follow specifying which device networks are to communicate with each other and what protocols are to be used and what actions the protocols are to perform – Any network traffic that does not fit within the specified rules becomes blocked and is reported as a security alert.  DPI Deep Pack Inspection options provides for detailed filters to enforce security policies for example allowing read commands to be sent to PLC, RTU or IED devices only. The benefits of the Tofino Xenon industrial security appliance are fantastic.  But they do not stop here;

The Hirschmann Tofino offers an extended operating temperature from – 40◦c to +70◦c although the standard version is from 0◦c- + 60◦c which means that it can be used without the use of additional air conditioning equipment.  The operating voltage ranges from 12-48V DC, 24V AC Redundancy power supply and best yet is fully configurable to suit your security needs with loadable security modules LSMs for an array of protocols, environments and industries. The LMSs can come pre-loaded when the unit is purchased but can also be purchased and installed at a later date or as and when your requirements change. Making this a very adaptable security appliance.

A quick view at some additional Benefits;

  • A Robust metal housing for DIN rail mounting
  • A redundant power supply for both DC and AC
  • Variants for twisted pair cables – RJ45 and multi mode fingers –SC
  • Simultaneous event logging to remote syslog servers and local nonviolatile memory
  • Tested for use with all major control system products
  • The Tofino datasheet can be viewed here

The Hirschmann Tofino Xenon Industrial Security Appliance delivers an advanced industrial cyber security solution. It is easily installed into your current network and can be fully configured to suit your security needs. 

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