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Connectors:                                                              Industrial Ethernet:

IDC                                                                                                                                           Backbone switches

Speakers & Power Plugs                                                                                                   Managed PoE Switches

IP67, IP68 Power connectors

IP67/IP68 Data/Ethernet/HDMI

Circular DIN

 Hirschmann’s MAS & MAK series of circular connectors are commonly used in audio-visual applications. The MAS-/MAK-series set a global standard for hi-fi and audio visual media, offering secure connections in the field of computers and interfaces. These connectors are commonly used in audio and video equipment, measurement and control instruments, in projectors and in computer technology. On the control side Hirschmann can also offer managed, unmanaged and backbone switches.

 Bulgin’s mains distribution units with tamper proof trailing have 5 shuttered IEC outlets and are fitted with an integral power inlet or mains cable. They are ideal for supplying power to audio-visual equipment. There is even a filtered version available which supresses’ mains borne EMI. Bulgins Buccaneer power, USB and RJ45 connectors with their IP68 rating are ideal for use in outdoor sporting ad music events.

 Audio-visual applications require a variety of interconnect solutions, so if you speak to us about your application and requirement we can find the most appropriate solution for you.