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EV Charging Station Cables

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12 items/page
12 items/page

Assembled Charging cables

For installation in charging stations

  • New two-chamber system for environmental protection of moving parts to the connection part
  • Resistant to oil, dust and water
  • Special cable design for a long service life
  • Flexible at low temperatures
  • Withstands high mechancal stress, in particular abrasion and sliding demands 
  • Cable for 1-phase charging up to 20A: ÖLFLEX® Charge 3G2.5 mm²+1x0.5 mm²
  • Cable for 1-phase charging up to 32A: ÖLFLEX® Charge 3G6mm²+1x0,5mm²
  • TYpe 1 Vehicle Connectors for North America and Mexico
  • Type 2 Vehicle Connectors for Europe and UK
  • Type GB/T Vehicle Connectors for China
  • Unless specified otherwise, the shown product values are nominal values.
  • Photographs and graphics are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products

Type 1 Vehicle Connectors

Type 1 Phoenix Contact             Type 1 Lapp


Type 2 Vehicle Connectors

Type 2 Phoenix Contact          Type 2 Lapp

Type GB/T Vehicle Connector

Type GB/T Phoenix Contact



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