Energy Generation & Distribution


With the growing diversity of energy generation technologies and their integration into the distribution network, connector and monitoring systems have become increasingly critical to the reliability of the energy supply network.

Connectivity solutions within the energy generation & distribution sector need to be ruggedised and able to withstand the harshest of environments. From fields of photovoltaic panels to onshore and offshore wind farms, conditions can be extremely challenging.

Our versatile portfolio of products from market leaders in interconnectivity solutions ensures we have the right solution for you.


Industrial Ethernet:

Finding alternative and renewable power sources is essential for forward-thinking businesses. Using sustainable energy solutions saves money long-term and has opened up new opportunities for businesses across the globe.

The key to success is high-quality, reliable equipment. Effective energy generation & distribution relies on three core requirements; stability, security and safety. Ethernet based IEC61850 is becoming the core standard in power systems.

IEC61850 is a future-proofed standard for safe investment. It meets utilities’ requirements to combine products from a variety of manufacturers for long term system exchangeability of equipment and expandability. The standard is being applied increasingly in transmission substation automation and will be implemented down to substation distribution applications. Data flow needs to be guaranteed to enable electricity to flow from power generation to consumers. Therefore using Ethernet to link the field – level transformer stations of a power supply grid calls for critical mission data communication.

All of our top brands carry connectors and connectivity solutions which can be used within the energy generation & distribution sector. Applications within this sector cover Wind Farms and Wind Turbines, Photovoltaic Parks and Solar Inverters, Nuclear Power, Switch Gear, Grid Management, Meters, Power Distribution and Energy Generators.  Bulgin, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation are world leaders in connectivity solutions for renewable energies, providing solutions for both onshore and offshore applications. Their superior quality products meet the highest safety requirements under the most challenging conditions, such as extreme temperatures, humidity and vibrations. These brands offer reliable solutions that reduce downtime and ensure the smooth operation of any wind farm/solar park or nuclear plant.

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