Industrial Connectors from the Complete Electronics Ltd product portfolio are available for a broad spectrum of markets and applications. Our varied connector portfolio includes field attachable connectors, receptacle connectors, rear mount and front mount connectors in addition to leaded connector cordsets, both double and single ended.

Hirschmann Rectangular Connectors

Our industrial connectors fall into the following categories; Rectangular, Circular, Waterproof, Entertainment,MIL Spec Connectors, Data, IEC connectors and Hazardous Area Zones. Within each of these categories you will find connectors and moulded leads from our top brand manufacturers which include but are not limited to Bulgin, Hirschmann, Phoenix Contact, Scame, Yamaichi and Lumberg Automation.

Typically you will find the Hirschmann connectors within the rectangular, circular, entertainment, data and waterproof connectors categories. The Lumberg Automation connectors are found in circular, waterproof and data. Bulgin connectors are found in circular, waterproof, entertainment, data, IEC and hazardous areas. Phoenix Contact connectors have a vast offering and can be found in each of our connectors and leads categories. INC Connectors are found in Circular and Waterproof connectors.

Rectangular connectors include valve connectors which are commonly known as DIN 43650 or valve caps, These connectors are widely used in pneumatics and hydraulics. The category for circular connectors is potentially endless and includes M8 and M12 connectors typically used in machine building and factory automation along with M23, 7/8, multi-pole Bus and Ethernet connectors.

Waterproof connectors include connectors with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of IP67, IP68 and IP69k, all of which offer varying levels of resistance to water, dust andBulgin Waterproof Connectors chemicals. IP69k is the highest rating and can withstand high pressure water jets and steam cleaning and is suitable for use in the food and beverage industry. The entertainment category is primarily for connectors commonly used in professional audio and video applications such as XLR connectors. Although the XLR is associated to use in the audio/visual sector, it is now frequently being used as a power connector within the industrial sector.