Hirschmann have been a partner of Complete Electronics Ltd for over 50 years. Complete Electronics Ltd founder, Nigel Thornton was friends with Richard Hirschmann who went on to establish this well respected brand in the electronic component industry. This friendship was instrumental to the distribution of Hirschmann products within the UK. Their transmitters, receivers and aerials were particularly popular in the British TV manufacturing industry.

Today we supply Hirschmann connectors and Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet to companies operating in several different industries with particular focus upon their industrial networking and connection products. Their connectors and cables can be classified into four main groups; industrial Ethernet, industrial connectors, fibre interfaces and mobile machine control systems.

Hirschmann - Connector Manufacturer DIN 43650

Hirschmann - Manufacturer of Industrial Ethernet productsHirschmann - Manufacturer of Circular Connectors











Industrial Ethernet

Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Products; A major player in the establishment of Ethernet technology, Hirschmann offer a complete product solution for company-wide data networks.

Industrial Connectors

Hirschmann Industrial Connectors; With total reliability these industrial connectors are suitable for a range of applications. Between the circular Ca Series, CM Series and the NR Series to the Rectangular GDM Series, G Series and ST Series connectors, you’re sure to find the solution to suit your needs.

Fibre Interfaces

Fibre Interfaces by Hirschmann; With their extensive experience in manufacturing industrial networking components, Hirschmann offer pioneering solutions in fibre optics for power generation and traffic control. 

Mobile Machine Control Systems

Mobile machine control solutions; All kinds of control applications need reliable process data for faultless functionality. They offer a complete range of control solutions for mobile machinery and sensors are designed with mobile applications in mind.

Hirschmann products are employed in a number of applications in various industries, such as mechanical engineering, factory automation, transportation and process control. Their various industrial connectors offer several solutions to your connections requirements; you just need to decide what works best for you. All these products can be found in our online catalogues or you can see individual parts and their descriptions using our product search.

If you are unsure of which product best suits your current task or you would like a quote, please call us on 01908 510792 or email sales@ce-ltd.com.