Wireless Infrastructure



Mobile communications and mobile technology is advancing by the minute which means the network supporting this technology needs to continually adapt and future proof to ensure that our demand for data and access is met.

The wireless infrastructure sector requires connectivity solutions which are robust, ruggedized and designed for use in harsh and challenging environments. Resistance to temperature changes, sealed against water, dust and chemicals, resistance to UV and salt mist are just some of the attributes required.

The AISG standard (Antenna Interface Standards Group) connectors play a vital role within this sector. With the unprecedented take-off of 3G and 4G systems an open standard was required for the control interface antenna line devices and products, hence AISG.

Complete Electronics Ltd offers a number of connectivity solutions to the wireless infrastructure sector from top manufacturers such as  Bulgin, Hirschmann and Lumberg. Lumberg offer connectors that meet AISG specifications.

Bulgin offer a range of SMB antennas which offer a wireless data solution complete with protection from harsh environments whilst maintaining the sealing integrity of equipment. Engineered for three major frequency bands, covering wireless LAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM/cellular and general purpose radio applications, these antennas can be used in Data/ Telecoms applications such as Base Stations and Outdoor hotspot installations. Frequency bands: 2.4 to 2.5GHz, 440 to 470MHz and 900/1800/1900MHz.

Lumberg have a range of connectors for 3G/4G mobile radio networks which withstand tough climate/weather conditions. Proven in the field many times over and meeting AISG requirements, their 03 series are ideal for base stations, RET cable (Remote Electric Tilt Antenna) and associated devises such as splitter boxes, tower mounted amplifiers, bias tees and surge protectors.

The 03 series meets the following specifications; AISG specification v1.1/2.0 according to IEC 60130-9, IP67 rated, Salt mist resistant, UV resistant, 360° shielded, wire sections up to 0.75 mm² (AWG 18) and are available as 8 and 6 pole connectors. Their SWUM range in this series are sealed even when unmated.

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