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Lapp Cables

Lapp Cables

Lapp produces cables, conductors, connectors and accessories for different industries and markets

Lapp Cables products are primarily produced in the Lapp Cables group's own production plants

The insulation and sheath material of Lapp cables are flame-retardant and will not support combustion

The range of cables include the following:-

  • YY Cables
  • SY Cables
  • CY Cables
  • Low Smoke Halogen-free cables
  • Highly Flexible Chain Cables
  • Rubber Cables
  • Spiral Cables
  • High-Temperature Cables

Lapp Cable glands

Lapp Cable Glands

A large range of cable glands are available in Nylon, Nickel-plated Brass, Plastic, and EMC

Single entry glands and multi-entry systems

Available in metric or PG threads

Atex approved versions are available

Clamping to earthing of braid

Reduction sealing insert for sealing smaller cable

IP ratings up to IP68 & IP69K

Lapp Circular Connectors

Power and signal connectors for use on servo motors and in servo harnessing

Available in coupler, connector and panel mount configurations

Contacts available in crimp or solder terminations

Keying arrangements to avoid incorrect mating

 Lapp Rectangular Connectors

Housings, inserts, and contacts that combine to offer a robust, secure and easy to assemble connectors

Inserts suitable for all the EPIC® rectangular connector housings

Modular inserts that allow the combination of data, power, hydraulic and fibre connectors 

Housings are manufactured from different materials such as Thermoplastic, metal die-cast, powder-coated

 Lapp Connectors