INC MIL Spec Connectors

INC is a high quality specialist manufacturer of mil-spec connectors and cable assemblies for both Military and Industrial applications.  Established in 2005, they are now trading globally with countries that include; USA, China, Thailand, Australia, Israel and most recently the UK through Complete Electronics Ltd as their sole UK franchised distributor.


INC has earned a reputation for providing a fast delivery system for a quality product at a very competitive rate

Their primary product lines include the following; 

  • MIL – DTL – 5015 Series (Formerly MIL-C-5015)
  • MIL – DTL – 26482 Series (Formerly MIL-C-26482)
  • INB Series  – VG95234
  • Cable Assembly

INC MIL Spec - MIL DTL 5015 SeriesINC MIL Spec - MIL DTL 26482 SeriesINC MIL Spec - INB Series VG95234The 

 MIL-DTL 26482 series of connectors is most widely used in military communications equipment as a result of its exceptional electrical, mechanical and environmental characteristics. This is a rugged and compact size high density bayonet coupling connector with a light weight alloy shell designed to fit quickly and easily especially in restricted spaces. Perfectly suitable for use in harsh environment, Military/Industrial applications.

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