Data Transmission

data transmission


Data transmission also referred to as digital transmission, data transfer and digital communications is the physical passing of data over a communication channel. The communication channel could be wireless, fibre or copper. However you need to transfer your data, whether it be by Ethernet using machine protocols such as Fieldbus, Interbus, AS, CANopen, DeviceNet & Profibus or via USB, SMB or wireless, Complete Electronics Ltd have both the cable and connections required.

A mission critical example of an application where a failsafe transmission connection is essential is in the renewable energy-wind turbine sector. Data transmission between each wind turbine in a wind park needs to be constant to ensure 24/7 safety. Secure transmission of analogue and digital data is essential in the food and beverage industry especially when connectors are subject to strong electromagnetic fields or high pressure steam cleaning.

Other applications which require secure, reliable data transmission are photovoltaic plants, refineries, pipelines, rolling stock, traffic control systems, mechanical engineering, data centres and broadcasting studios. Complete Electronics Ltd have transmission solutions available from each of our top brand manufacturers which include Bulgin, Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation.

 Bulgin offer a wide range of connectors for the secure transmission of data, which have the added advantage of being IP rated to IP67, IP68 and IP69k. The Bulgin portfolio includes USB, SMB and RJ45 Ethernet. Hirschmann offer both industrial connectors and industrial networking solutions for transmitting data securely and reliably. With wireless options available from their Open BAT range and IP67 ruggedised switches from the OCTOPUS range, Hirschmann are the experts in secure data communications. Lumberg Automation offer a number of standard M8 and M12 connectors coded for Ethernet transmission of data in addition to their full portfolio of IO modules which use protocols such as Fieldbus, Interbus, AS, CANopen, DeviceNet & Profibus.

With transmission solutions available for harsh environments, industrial applications and mission critical applications, Complete Electronics Ltd are sure to be able to assist with your data transmission requirements.

Typical connectivity solutions used in transmission applications;


Fieldbus systems

Circular M8, M12, 7/8, M23

IP65, IP67

Rectangular Connectors





Industrial Ethernet:


Unmanaged Switches

Managed Switches

Industrial Firewall

Tofino Security

As suppliers with a background in manufacturing and electromechanical engineering, we understand the importance of technical and product knowledge, cost/quality ratio’s, short lead times and fast delivery. With over 50 years history, Complete Electronics Ltd are well placed to identify and advise on interconnectivity solutions for your upcoming projects and requirements.