The importance of security whether it be video surveillance, traffic control, protection for industrial Ethernet networks or communication networks has become increasingly significant in this digital age. Security in industry has become of paramount importance in recent years; the cost of cyberattacks on critical infrastructure is now measured in billions of dollars’ worth of damage.

Total reliability is a fundamental attribute of any security system and our world leading brands are proven for their reliability in the harshest of environments.

Typical connectivity solutions used in security applications;


• Circular, M8, M12, M23, M58,  7/8"


MIL Spec

Harsh Environment

Waterproof IP67, IP68



Ethernet / RJ45

Fibre Optic


Industrial Ethernet:

Wireless LAN

Ruggedised Switches

Managed Switches

Industrial Firewall


From analogue cameras to IP cameras, from indoors to outdoors, from standard to bespoke, for any protocol and even in the toughest of conditions, Solutions bring systems together to help deliver the most demanding of CCTV applications.

The security market within public and private sector buildings has grown exponentially. CCTV cameras and surveillance networks are found in offices, hospitals, airports, amusement parks, retail establishments, educational facilities, casinos, sports stadiums, prisons and more. The purpose of these systems is clear – to protect people, to protect the organisation and to protect its assets. Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet and Lumberg Automation both offer total solutions within this sector from the control and monitoring side to the connectivity solution.

Bulgin’s 6000 series Buccaneer is ideal for cameras monitoring traffic and streets with its robust IP rated housing and connections. Another benefit is its small size – as newer cameras require a smaller connection footprint. The 400 series Buccaneer with its over-moulding at the cable connector interface allows OEM’s to now use this range for surveillance and CCTV applications.

Apart from the obvious CCTV and surveillance aspect to this sector, there is also data security required in the industrial sector, protection from cyberattacks and dreaded downtime is a vital part of any industrial network. Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet switches with Tofino industrial firewall offer comprehensive plug and play options which can cope with the demanding requirements presented by an industrial network. If you require a solution and need assistance in specifying the right connectors or system then contact Complete Electronics Ltd today.