Machine Building



Machine builders need a connector system that offers quick and easy assembly and helps cut build costs. These connectors have to be reliable, robust and able to carry all types of power, signal and data.

From Sensor/Actuator connectors to Modular I/O Systems and power connectors (up to 1000V) to data connections and safety controls, we have the connector and cordset solutions available to improve efficiency when machine building.

Typical Connector & Cordsets:

Circular M8, M12 M23


MIL Spec

Power & Control


IP40, 65, 67, 68, 69K

IEC Connectors



I/O Module Systems:

AS Interface





Industrial Ethernet


Actuator/Sensor Distributors

The machine building sector overlaps with industrial automation and includes applications such as material handling and robotics, food and beverage products machinery, conveyor technology and logistics, metal working machines, printing machinery and motion control. With our globally renowned brands known for their quality and reliability, Complete Electronics Ltd are able to offer systems integrators and design engineers customised solutions that meet market standards.

Hirschman and Lumberg Automation offer a significant product portfolio for signal transmission, data communication networks and power supply of devices suited to material handling and robotic applications. Hirschmann’s ruggedised switching technology, placed in cabinets or directly on the machine, is rated from IP30 to IP67. Easy to install and maintain, the product range encompasses the full range of switches from unmanaged to professional managed, delivering a comprehensive choice to help meet cost and functional requirements.

At field level, Lumberg Automation is the specialist in the connection of sensors/ actuators as well as their power supply, for hundreds of different standard moulded connectors and a broad range of field-attachable connectors. The product program has the ideal solution for virtually all automation applications that require reliable wiring of industrial robots, I/O boxes or sensor/ actuators.

Motion control and conveyor applications require precise signal transmission reliability to achieve optimal results. 

Bulgin’s 7000 series Buccaneer has been designed with the industrial market in mind and can be used in conveyor systems where systems need to be broken down and re-assembled quickly. Data transfer must be secure within this typically harsh environment and the superior performance of the 7000 Buccaneer allows for total reliability of data transfer.

As a technical distributor, Complete Electronics Ltd are able to advise on the right connectivity solution for your machine building requirements. We have a background in manufacturing and engineering and have the ability to assist in the specification and design of new projects.