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 Lumberg Automation has been a part of the Belden brand for 30 years. Belden acquired the industrial connector and automation sector of Lumberg in the 1980’s and the Lumberg brand has since become a major player in automation technology.

Renowned for robust and superior quality, their circular connectors and wiring components are used in a wide range of industries, including the automation and food production sectors. Their field bus components, distribution box systems and sensor connectors deliver intelligent and innovative wiring solutions.

Lumberg Automation products have a thoroughly deserved reputation for impervious design, high loading capacity and chemical resistance. Their product range is broken down into four areas; compact fieldbus modules, modular I/O systems, actuator/sensor distribution boxes, connectors and cables

Lumberg Automation I/O Module - FieldbusLumberg Automation Actuator/Sensor Distribution Box - RSWU 12-ASB 8/LED Lumberg Automation Connector Cordset - RSTS-RKWTS















Compact Fieldbus Modules

Designed specifically for field applications, Lumberg’s IP67 components support actuator/sensor distributors with the following protocols; Interbus, Profibus, AS-Interface, CANopen, DeviceNet and industrial Ethernet fieldbus systems.

Modular I/O Systems

Lumberg's LioN-Link product range offers a modular IP67 distribution system at field level for decentralized utility.

Actuator/Sensor Distribution Boxes

Integrate actuator/sensor distributors directly into machines and plants to save time and money.  They meet IP67, IP68, IP69k protection classes and have M8/M12 sockets allowing for effective bundling of parallel wiring.

Connectors and Cables

Simple to use and 100% reliable, Lumberg Automation’s range of connectors and ready-made connection cables will meet all your requirements including IP67, IP68 and IP69k ratings. This connector range includes their circular M8 connectorsM12 connectors7/8 and M23 connectors in addition to the type A, B and C plugs for compact pressure switches and valves. They also manufacture field attachable connectors and receptacle connectors, T-connectors/adaptors and single and double ended cordsets.

To find more information about the Lumberg Automation product range please take a look at the Lumberg Product portfolio.

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