The transportation sector covers everything from rail to road and everything in between. Whether your application is traffic control, agricultural/commercial vehicles, tunnel lighting, surveillance or communication on rail or on road, our product portfolio offers connectivity solutions for all.


Circular, M8, M12, M23, M58, 7/8"


MIL Spec

Harsh Environment

Waterproof IP67, IP68



Ethernet / RJ45

Fieldbus distributors


Industrial Ethernet:

Wireless LAN

Ruggedised Switches

Managed Switches

Industrial Firewall

DIN Rail mounted switches

Security, Reliability and Availability are a necessity when it comes to public transportation and the solutions required for this sector. As such, Ethernet has become the protocol of choice for traffic control, video surveillance systems, and other outdoor applications.

Seamless solutions that offer real time information for operators and passengers both on-board as well as in terminals and control rooms must be 100% reliable and accurate. The brands supplied by Complete Electronics Ltd offer solutions for use within this arena. Each of our brands are renowned for their reliability and innovation whether the application is for Rail, Road or signalling/controls.

Complete Electronics Ltd supplies Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation connectors for communication on trains – including industrial WLAN, UIC cables, WTV and MVB data bus cables – video surveillance, information systems, signalling technology and traffic control, emergency telephones, safety lighting and control room applications.

Rail approved, IRIS certified, Belden offer a wide spectrum of products through their Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation brands. Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet network products are designed to operate in humid conditions, high and low temperatures and small spaces. They also meet the highest standards for redundancy, reliability, data security and availability.

Lumberg Automation offer cabling and connectivity solutions.  They offer a vast range of Ethernet connectors, data communication cables and actuator/sensor connecting and inter-connecting cables.

Phoenix Contact supply products to the most reputed Railways OEM’s across the globe for rolling stock and for stationary equipment applications.

Bulgin offer an extensive range of IP68 & IP69K connectors used in industrial power and data applications.

We have broken down suitable products for each requirement to enable you to see the depth of product and solutions available.

Signalling technology and passenger surveillance;

  • Octopus range of ruggedised water proof switches with EN50155 approvals
  • Cable solutions including engine control and data communication cable, IP67 connectors, industrial M12 connectors and optical/electrical contacts
  • Buccaneer IP68 & IP69k rated connectors

Train to ground and on-board communication;

  • BAT range of wireless access points and RSR ruggedised DIN rail switches

Video surveillance on board & on the platform;

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)  switches and routers,
  • Form A,B & C valve connectors
  • Connectivity solutions include actuator/sensor connecting and inter-connecting cable, receptacle connectors, field attachable connectors
  • Buccaneer IP68 & IP69k rated connectors

Control room;

  • MACH switches with Gigabit backbone. OPC and ActiveX for SCADA integration.
  • IEC Inlets & Banks

Whether you are at the design stage of your transportation application or you are looking to purchase approved industrial Ethernet products, Complete Electronics Ltd can help advise you with the most suitable range to meet and fulfil your requirements. 

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