M16 - M58 Circular Connectors

                                                             M17 – M58 Circular Connectors

                                                               M17-M58(1)                         M17-M58(2)

This is the largest product range on the market. Connectors from small to large, straight or angled, for signals or power, moulded or for assembly on-site. It ranges from size M17 to M58 and represents products that have been tried and tested for many years in industrial automation, in electric drive technology and in infrastructure applications. The circular connector product line ranges from 6 to 19-pos. circular connectors in sizes M17 and M23 and hybrid connectors, all the way to power connectors in sizes M17 to M58 for a maximum of 150 A and 630 V. Having such a wide selection of designs allows for signals to be transmitted, data and power supplies for electric devices and drives.

Signal Connectors – M17- M23

There is an assortment of industrial signal applications with the M17 and M23 circular connectors. There are requirements relation to tightness, vibration resistance and EMC protection that this also includes. There is the complete range of plastic moulded designs that the 6-pos up to the 19-pod circular connectors are supplemented by.

  • Pre-assembled cables
  • Reliable transmission
  • Fast locking
  • Varied connection methods
  • Optical colour coding
  • High contact density
  • Easy mounting/removal
  • Compact design
  • Flexible assembly

Hybrid Connectors M23 – M40

The Phoenix Contact hybrid connectors, M23 and M40, are used to dependably transfer signals, data and power in a single connector. There are a total of 8 contacts available for transmitting signals as the CAT5 data interface can be replaced by four signal contacts. These hybrid connectors feature high flexibility.

  • Permissible data transmission
  • Additional flexibility
  • Reliable connection
  • Reduced cabling effort
  • Fast locking
  • Variable equipping options
  • Pre-assembled M23 cables
  • Optical colour coding
  • Versatile device connection technology

Power Connectors M17 – M58

For an easy, time saving connection of electric drives at transmission capacities up to 150A / 63V, circular power connectors from phoenix contact are the right choice. Characteristic features are a lateral, radial clip-in of contacts into the contact carrier and the elegant shield. This saves assembly time, provides safety and makes connections easy and fast.

  • Fast mounting
  • Simple shield
  • Fast locking
  • Flexible cable outlet
  • Optical colour coding
  • Flexibility in the connection
  • Pre-assembled cables
  • Compact design
  • Simple device integration

M23 Lumberg Connectors

The general uses of the M23 connectors are for electrical drives and servo-motors in to industrial automation applications. These Lumberg connectors are easy to handle and operate. The M23 classification is based on the thread diameter of the connector. With their wide variety of inserts and housings, these connectors are equally suited for applications involving signal or power transmission. M23 connectors are capable of carrying a load of up to 250/630 V at 9/30 A. These connectors are resistant to the ingress of all particles and substances and comply with required class of IP protection. There are male and female versions, and in straight or angled designs, in either customizable types or plastic moulded variants. M23 connectors are mainly used for integrating within machine and facility construction applications. Therefore these connectors have a long lifespan and high reliability.