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Scame UK Adaptors and Splitters – Adapto Series

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Scame UK offer a range of adaptors and splitters from one way, multi way and multi way with an option of outlets from the Adapto Series

Technical information

  • Rated current : 16Amp-32Amp
  • Operating temperature: -25◦c +40◦c
  • Max operating temperature: 60◦c
  • Insulating voltage: 500/690V-
  • Material: Engineering Plastic
  • Poles available: 2P+E, 3P+E, 3P+N+E
  • IP Ratings ranging from: IP44 and IP66

Versions available

  • One way adaptors
  • 2 way adaptors with interlocked-switch socket outlets
  • 2-way adaptors
  • 3/5 way adaptors
  • 3 way adaptors with protection devices
  • 4 way adaptors

Available with a range of standards:

Adaptor Standards

 An example of the different Adaptors can be found below but is not limited to:

ONE WAY Adaptors from industrial to domestic systems and vice-versa IEC309

One-way adaptors are available as system adaptors, configuration adaptors, current adaptors and phase sequence adaptors.

The Adapto Adaptors are perfect for solving issues where the plug of an appliance such as a drills, jet washes, lawnmowers and bench saws does not fit the socket available on site such as in a workshop, or on a construction site.

They are compact, lightweight and therefore easy to transport from site to site for workers that are constantly working in different locations.

 Key features:

  • To connect mobile equipment fitted with plugs of a different standard to the available socket outlets.
  • Configuration adaptors
    To connect small three-phase appliances without neutral pole to three-pole outlets with neutral poles.
  • Phase sequence adaptors
    To invert the sequence of phases between the supply and the rotating machine so as to reverse the direction of rotation.
  • Power adaptors
    To connect appliances fitted with 16 A plugs to 32 A sockets.



Multi way Adaptors with 2 outlets from industrial to domestic systems and vice-versa IEC309

The multi-way adaptor with 2 outlets is designed and is ideal for the need of a temporary plugging-in of two loads where only one socket is available. It is Practical, compact in size and easy to take from location to location.

They are available with a cable and plug rated at IP44 and IP66 or with an appliance inlet rated at IP66.

Key features:

  • Rated voltage from 100 V to 415 V.
  • Rated current 16 A.
  • Available in 2P + E, 3P + E, 3P + N + E versions
  • IEC 309 sockets with IMQ and other standard approvals
  • Casing is made from impact-resistant, self-extinguishing thermoplastic material coloured RAL 7035 grey
  • The adaptors can be suspended

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