Industrial HiVision Network Management Software


Using Hirshmann’s Industrial HiVision to configure and monitor industrial Ethernet networks you will improve your productivity, security and network uptime. Used in thousands of facilities around the world, it is a proven network management solution.This tool supports a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems. The user interface makes unknown networks visible and allows rapid and simple visualization of the topology.

You can configure hundreds of devices at the same time from any manufacturer using MultiConfig which ultimately saves time and reduces errors. Industrial HiViison identifies all SNMP-enabled Devices and recognizes network topology. Its Network Dashboard gives at-a-glance visibility to key network and security indicators assisting the progress of proactive maintenance and security measures. There is also a fully functional 16-node trial version that you can use as long as you like. The product also generates alerts when unauthorised changes are made, rogue devices are added or MAC/IP address pair. HiVision generates a device view representing the device in its physical form. HiVision also generates a logical view for hubs which displays the device from the perspective of its interfaces. 

The network components are displayed as grayscale images. Color overlayed status displays, click-on context menus at port, group and device level provide further detailed information.

The following HiVision versions are available:

  • PC-StandAlone version under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2003 Server
  • PC-StandAlone version under Linux
  • Integration in the PC management platform HP OpenView for Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server
  • Integration in a HPUX management platform HP OpenView

Configuration Options

  • Auto discovery of all ICMP and SNMP devices. 
  • Save devices in a device list 
  • Export of all tables to ASCII files 
  • Import of product-specific modules. Users can build their own 
  • Modules for unknown devices.
  • Additional support: Competence Center value added products 
  • Multi-device-configuration: multiple configuration of devices, e.g. software update 
  • Multi-port-manager: multiple configuration of ports from different devices. 
  • Configuration of all Hirschmann components including network wide VLANs and user groups.
  • Trap history for whole network and single devices. 
  • Status propagation seperately configurable for device, card, 
  • port, power supplies, fans & chassis. 
  • Configuration of RMON alarms and events 
  • Integrated SNMP MIB browser 
  • Easy configuration of MACH 3000 router redundancy

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