Media Modules

Modular Industrial Communication Equipment

The media modules are exclusively intended for use with Hirschmann MS... modular switches

MICE allows you to construct switched Industrial ETHERNET networks that conform to the IEEE 802.3 standard

The media modules are the interface of the device to the LAN and can be plugged onto the following basic modules of the MICE switch:

  • MS2108-2 (MICE 2000)
  • MS3124-4 (MICE 3000)
  • MS4128-5 (MICE 4000 / Power MICE) – MS20-…
  • and MS30-…

The MB20 expansion module allows you to add 2 slots to:-

  • MS20-1600
  • MS30-1602
  • MS3124-4
  • MS4128-5 MICE switch basic module for installing media modules

The standard version has a temperature range of 0 to +60° C. Two versions with an extended range of -40 to +70° C are also offered

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