Hirschmann Compact G Series Rectangular Connectors


Hirschmann Compact (G-Series)

Hirschmann's compact G-series rectangular connectors are widely used for actuators, sensors and for voltage supply.  The Compact G series was designed predominantly for harsh environments with adverse working conditions in small drives, control systems and sensors as well as for underground operations and construction where space is an imperative element and key to the design and function.

Small and robust the Hirschmann compact G series also benfits from the following key features:

  • Available in 2+pe to 17+pe
  • For voltages up to 250v and currents to 10A
  • Small compact deign to fit into those difficult areas
  • Avaliable as a field attachable connector, a moulded conector or an appliance connector
  • IP65 protection rating

If you need a compact, reliable quality connector you can download a copy of the G series catalogue or contact the office where we will be sure to help.

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