Hirschmann NR Series Circular Connectors


Hirschmann NR Series

Hirschmann's NR series of circular plastic and metal connectors is particularly versatile in power and control signal connections and is particularly suited for use in harsh environments and extreme conditions. Typical environments in which the NR series is used are subject to heavy vibration stresses.

Hirschmann NR Series Angled cable socketHirschmann NR Series Panel-mounted connectorHirschmann NR Series Panel Mounted SocketHirschmann NR Series - DIN 43651 Connectors


 The key features of the NR series are;

  • Male and female
  • Straight and angled variants
  • 6+E and 11+E
  • Rated Voltages  AC 25V/DC 50V, AC/DC 60V, AC/DC 250V
  • Rated Current 5A to 10A
  • Available as field-attachable connectors or panel/surface mounted
  • Crimp & Screw Terminations
  • Protection class IP65
  • DIN 43651
  • Hermetically Mounted Options

The NR Series offers a robust, secure and reliable connectivity solution. If you need to discuss your application and whether theHirschmann connectors would be a suitable option then contact the Complete Electronics Ltd technical team today using our live chat option or call us on 01908 307200.

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