EMC Cable Collectors for Cable Entry Systems

KEL-EMC | KEL-EMC-Z cable assembly

With shield earthing and integrated strain relief


  • Cable entry, EMC shield earthing and strain relief – all in one location!
  • Cables pass through the KEL cable entry frame and lead directly to cable shield earthing and strain relief. Three functions carried out quickly and easily!
  • KEL-EMC-Z: Custom configurations are available for shield clamps up to 16 mm in diameter with minimal order quantities and lead time.
  • Large surface contact between cable shield and housing, especially on conductive coated surfaces
  • Easily combines cable routing, EMC and strain relief due to the use of the same mounting holes
  • Available without SKL shield clamps if only additional strain relief is required
  • M6 Mounting hole for earthing tape or PE connection (KEL-EMC-Z)
  • Direct, easy and quick contact to the enclosure
  • Space saving, usable for up to 10 cables with the two row model
  • Replacement for EMC cable glands, even for pre-terminated cables
  • Material: Mild steel, galvanically zinc plated
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Vibration Proof
  • Screw Type Mounting


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