Industrial Routers & Firewalls


Industrial Ethernet Routers and Firewalls

Tofino Xenon                    Eagle 20-30                           Firewall


A firewall is a network security device that grants or rejects network access; a firewall can be hardware or software system. A Firewall has a defined and / or configured set of rules which either allow data packets through or if the data does not comply with one or more of these  rules it is discarded thus preventing unauthorized access to people or data.


A Router is a device that moves data between different networks which may include directing traffic onto the Internet via an internet service provider, the router gets its source and destination IP address from the header in the data packet. A router may use copper and / or Fibre optic cable for its network connection. A Router may also incorporate firewall and / or VPN (Virtual Private Network) software. Many routers will have a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ) server incorporated, this DHCP server will allocate IP addresses’s to computers and  printers / scanners etc. on the network. In most cases a router will have a switch built into it with multiple ports to allow connections from multiple network devices.

 Industrial control systems are open to interruptions both internally and externally more and more frequently in recent times. Internal disruptions can include situations such as human error and software or device failures. External threats include targeting company information, disrupting operations, collecting system data or purely to cause distress and embarrassment.

These risks must controlled and managed where the best Defense in Depth and Zones and Conduits (IEC 62443) are needed. Hirschmann deliver this and ensure the safety and reliability of your network system.

 Security and reliability are key to any industrial network.  Hirschmann’s range of security and routers includes the Tofino Xenon, The Owl Cellular router, Eagle One and the Eagle 20/30.  All of the devices are customizable and can be adapted to suit a wide range of applications and requirements using advanced technology to keep your network fully protected and connected.