Yamaichi Y-Circ P


        Yamichi Y-Circ P              

Y-Circ P

Push-Pull Connector Series

 Yamichi Y-Circ P


The Y-Circ P push-pull circular connector series from Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH offers you more.


  • Fully intermateable with existing products on the market from LEMO and ODU.
  • Shorter and therefore lighter than its competitors.
  • Simplified design for faster assembly.
  • Cost savings.


Produced to the highest quality standards, the Y-Circ P improved design push-pull circular connector series was designed and made in Germany to support its customer demands for a competitively priced high-quality product on short lead-times.

With an improved and simplified design over its competitor, it is both smaller and easier to assemble. It is also fully intermateable with existing products currently on the market from LEMO and ODU. These advantages provide cost reductions due to reduced material requirements and assemble time along with a space-saving advantage and a dual sourcing opportunity.

Standard finish is a chrome-plated body with a non-standard black chrome finish being available on request. High-quality gold plated Solder, Crimp and PCB contacts ensuring a minimum 5000 mating cycles. These high-quality contacts mean that both secure data transmission and high currents are no problem.

Currently, the Y-Circ P series is available in four body sizes with 2 to 30 contact arrangements available. Customising for mixed contact arrangements is also available (subject to volume) for signal and power or high-speed data transmission. We can also provide you with a complete cable assembly solution.

The Y-Circ P locking system is easily connected, locked and released by simply pulling on the connector housing. The lock mechanism cannot release by pulling on the cable. Keying options are also available.

  • Safe and reliable Push-Pull locking system.
  • Gold plated Solder, Crimp and PCB Contacts.
  • 2 to 30 Contact configurations.
  • Customising mixed layouts for signal and power.
  • Maximum 36 Amp current rating.
  • Available in sizes of 9, 12, 15 & 18.
  • Keying system.
  • Different push-pull connector types with various keying systems.
  • Special CAT6A versions for 10Gbit/s high-speed data transmission.
  • IP50 rated.
  • Chrome plated / Also black chrome available.
  • 360° EMI Shielding.
  • -40°c +120°c.