M5 - M12 Circular Connectors

                                        M5 – M12 Connectors / Cordsets

                              Front Mounting                            Field Attachable                  Rear Mounting


We offer a variety of connectors for Signal / Power / Data  transmission in sizes M5, M8 and M12. Versions are available with IDC displacement connection, screw, spring, Piercecon®, solder, crimp, or solder-in connection. From small to large, straight or angled, self-locking threaded joint,  moulded or for on-site assembly, Single ended and double ended cordsets are available. Save time during connection, with innovative connection solutions for devices with all the usual degrees of protection associated with industrial use. Do you need an individual solution for special requirements? On request, we will make individual adjustments to our  Phoenix Contacts standard products quickly and flexibly. Moulded connectors and litz wires in various types, lengths, and assemblies. 360 degree shielded and ingress protection rated IP67 to IP69k variants of  connectors are available. Receptacle connectors, Actuator / sensor  connectors, over moulded single ended  cordsets, over moulded double ended M8 cordsets with and without LED, right angle options also available. Receptacle connectors for front and rear mount with or without cabling. Cabled receptacle are epoxy potted, Connectors for Chassis or PCB mount.  Complete Electronics Ltd have a wide range of circular connectors which include M5, M8, and M12 from Lumberg Automation and Phoenix Contact. The PLUSCON circular M5-M12 product program from Phoenix Contact consists of standardized circular connectors that have been developed to the industry standard in industrial automation, from infrastructure and rail technology to outdoor applications. Connection technology for distributed  modules are designed for harsh ambient conditions in industrial production processes. Complete Electronics Ltd  offers a wide range of one piece and two-piece device connectors for PCB assembly in M5, M8 and M12 types. Various connection solutions are available to you for wave, THR, and SMD soldering processes. We have access to a comprehensive product range of assembled cables for quick and convenient field cabling.

 Product Features

  • Data up to 10 Gbps
  • Coding for all common networks and fieldbus systems
  • Circular Connectors according to IEC 61076-2-104
  • Field Attachable Connectors
  • Straight or Right Angled connectors
  • Receptacle Connectors
  • Choice of PVC, PUR halogen free and PUR welding spark resistant cables
  • Cable variants in many lengths available  with and without LED function indicator
  • Components according to CAT6A
  • Hybrid connectors for transmission of data and power over Ethernet simultaneously
  • 360° shielded connectors
  • Screwed clamp terminals, cage clamp terminals and quick connection technologies
  • Infrastructure and rail technology to outdoor applications
  • Connecting signals up to 17 positions
  • For power supplies up to 630 V and 16 A


If you are looking to design in a circular connector and are looking for advice or assistance in specifying the right component, then contact our technical team using  live chat on our website,  e-mail sales@ce-ltd.com or call us on  +44 (0)1908 510792.

Complete Electronics Ltd are a franchised distributor for Lumberg Automation and Phoenix Contact  M5, M8 and M12 connectors

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